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Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Aug 12 17:10:26 CEST 2006

Peter Nixon <listuser at> wrote:
> Alan, can you give us an idea of you roadmap for radius releases? I get a bit
> confused as to what code should be going where (esp sqlippool which is not
> exactly documented yet :-)

  Yes... I was looking at that yesterday.  A configuration file would
help, too.

> I assume there will be a 1.1.3 release at some point "real soon now". After
> that do you plan on switching work to cvs head?

  Yes.  If there's no objection, I'll do 1.1.3 this week.

  After that, I've been talking with Raghu, who has a patch to fix
realms.  The old style still works, but you can now separate home
servers, and failover lists of home servers, from the realms that they
serve.  It makes configuration a little more complicated, but much
more flexible.

  Past that, in order of priority:

1) fix the "rad_listen_t" so it doesn't core the server on HUP
2) fix module handling so it doesn't core the server on HUP
3) document the *hell* out of the changes between 1.x and 2.x
4) Move "User-Password" in request->config_items to "Cleartext-Password"

  The only new thing is #4.  I'm tired of the confusion with
User-Password being in the request or config items.  2.x has
MD5-Password, SHA1-Password, etc.  So let's get rid of User-Password,
except as something that's in a packet.  That will clear up a lot of
weirdness in the code, and fix confusion, too.

  The only magic thing with that is that all modules have to be
updated to look for Cleartext-Password rather than User-Password.
People's configs will still have User-Password, so the server core has
to have ~10 lines of code that renames User-Password to

  That should fix a *lot* of confusion.

  Alan DeKok.
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