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Peter Nixon listuser at
Sat Aug 12 20:12:18 CEST 2006

On Sat 12 Aug 2006 18:10, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Peter Nixon <listuser at> wrote:
> > Alan, can you give us an idea of you roadmap for radius releases? I get a
> > bit confused as to what code should be going where (esp sqlippool which
> > is not exactly documented yet :-)
>   Yes... I was looking at that yesterday.  A configuration file would
> help, too.

Yeah. I know. It's on my to do list, but I have been really under water the 
last month or so.

> > I assume there will be a 1.1.3 release at some point "real soon now".
> > After that do you plan on switching work to cvs head?
>   Yes.  If there's no objection, I'll do 1.1.3 this week.
>   After that, I've been talking with Raghu, who has a patch to fix
> realms.  The old style still works, but you can now separate home
> servers, and failover lists of home servers, from the realms that they
> serve.  It makes configuration a little more complicated, but much
> more flexible.
>   Past that, in order of priority:
> 1) fix the "rad_listen_t" so it doesn't core the server on HUP
> 2) fix module handling so it doesn't core the server on HUP
> 3) document the *hell* out of the changes between 1.x and 2.x
> 4) Move "User-Password" in request->config_items to "Cleartext-Password"
>   The only new thing is #4.  I'm tired of the confusion with
> User-Password being in the request or config items.  2.x has
> MD5-Password, SHA1-Password, etc.  So let's get rid of User-Password,
> except as something that's in a packet.  That will clear up a lot of
> weirdness in the code, and fix confusion, too.
>   The only magic thing with that is that all modules have to be
> updated to look for Cleartext-Password rather than User-Password.
> People's configs will still have User-Password, so the server core has
> to have ~10 lines of code that renames User-Password to
> Cleartext-Password.
>   That should fix a *lot* of confusion.

Yep. All good things, and all things that seem reasonably straight forward 
which gives me hope that we should see a 2.0 release candidate in a couple of 


Peter Nixon
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