broken --prefix=/ (summary)

Peter Nixon listuser at
Wed Aug 16 17:46:39 CEST 2006

On Thu 10 Aug 2006 20:51, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Peter Nixon <listuser at> wrote:
> > Does anyone know why "--prefix=3D/" not longer works as expected when fed
> > to configure in the 1.1.x cvs branch?
>   Nope.  That makes me happy that I've been holding off on 1.1.3.
>   I'll take a look.

OK. As this thread has continued on quite a bit, I am going to summarise it 
for everyone.

--prefix does appear to work as expected and for most people should be 
specified as --prefix=/usr

However, raddb does NOT end up in the expected location, and even 
adding "--with-raddbdir=/etc/raddb" to configure (which in any case was 
previously not necessary) does not make it end up where it should.



Peter Nixon
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