SQL Cleanups (Was: Duplicate requests in a session)

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Thu Aug 31 13:33:15 CEST 2006

Peter Nixon <listuser at peternixon.net> wrote:
> This makes sense to me. I think it should be for 2.0 though as changing the
> name of fields in a DB schema will break compatibility.

  I'm not set on changing the name.  If it's a problem, we can leave
it as-is.

> One of my pet peeves is that the mysql config file is called "sql.conf" which
> tends to confuse non-mysql users the first time around. This should be
> renamed to mysql.conf (oraclesql.conf should be renamed to oracle.conf also)

  Let's fix that.

> I think it may even be a good idea to make a raddb/sql/*.conf
> structure,= either that or maybe we should name the files
> sql.mysql.conf, sql.postgresl.conf etc. This then allows
> sqlippool.mysql.conf also.  (Alternatively the sqlipool config
> should go inside the existing sql config files.)

  Sure.  We can also split the sql.conf file into:

  sql.conf - global SQL things to the site, which does
     driver = postgresql
     trace files...
     $INCLUDE sql/postgresql.conf

  for any postgres-specific things.  

  We can nuke the "rlm_sql" prefix from the "driver" config item, and
update the code to accept one or the other.

> Also, before a 2.0 release I would like to sit down and bring the
> queries for the different SQL variants as close together as
> possible as they have gradually diverged over the last few
> years. (Much of it my fault as I have been continually adding new
> features to the postgresql schema :-)

  Sounds good to me.

  I have a few other things on my agenda that I'd love to do, like
have per-"listen" configuration sections, but I think that's hard.

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