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Zitat von Wolfgang Rosenauer <stark at>:

> Hi,
> [snipp]
> > 2) the next question may be quite stupid so please be patient but i a do
> > not have much "insider knowledge":
> > are all these packages listed in "BuildRequires" in freeradius.spec really
> > nedded?? at least i deleteted "postgresql" (i do not want/need mysql and
> > postgresql server installed on the same machine), "perl-devel" (there is
> > not
> > such package available for suse). i am also wondering why e.g. packages
> > like
> > python and ncurses/ncurses-devel are needed for building. don't get me
> > wrong, i
> > just want to keep the system with as few packages as possible. and the
> > packages
> > libzio and libnscd are also not available in the suse distribution, only
> > via
> The BuildRequires tag is an automatically created list of packages.
> It's built based on a minimal base system + the definitions you can see
> in # neededforbuild.
> I guess the version in CVS is based on SUSE Linux 10.0 or so and so not
> all packages (with the same name) are available on SLES9.
> So the list you see defines the complete Linux system on which the
> package would be built in our environment.
unfortunately suse 10.0 does not install on any of our newer servers (9.3 does
not either), there seems to be a problem with the raid-controller ...

in suse 10.0 (to be more precise: opensuse 10.0) i can not find a package named
"perl-devel" either! and as rlm_perl.a and are created it looks
like this is not needed.
but with this version (oss-10.0) i got other errors in rlm_krb5.c,
  rlm_krb5.c: In function âkrb5_authâ:
  rlm_krb5.c:366: warning: pointer targets in assignment differ in signedness
  rlm_krb5.c:367: warning: pointer targets in assignment differ in signedness
  rlm_krb5.c:379: error: âstruct krb5_principal_dataâ has no member named ânameâ
  rlm_krb5.c:380: warning: format â%sâ expects type âchar *â, but argument 4 has
type âkrb5_dataâ
  rlm_krb5.c:384: warning: implicit declaration of function âkrb5_verify_userâ
  rlm_krb5.c:394: error: âstruct krb5_principal_dataâ has no member named ânameâ
  rlm_krb5.c:395: warning: format â%sâ expects type âchar *â, but argument 5 has
type âkrb5_dataâ
  gmake[6]: *** [rlm_krb5.o] Error 1

but this actually seems to become another thread ;-)

> And mysql _and_ postgresql is needed to build both modules.
hmm, i deleted "postgresql" in "BuildRequires" and i think i do have a modules
for postgresql:

  ldapserv1:/usr/lib/freeradius # ls rlm_sql_postgresql*
  ldapserv1:/usr/lib/freeradius #
but as i do not have postgresql server installed i can not test them.

> > 3) i am not sure what is responsible for this: during the bild (rpmbuild
> > -bb freeradius.spec) i got an error that the file
> > "/usr/lib/mysql/" is missing. a link (ln -s) to the
> > existing file "/usr/lib/" solves this problem.
> mysql-devel is not installed?

  ldapserv1:~ # rpm -q mysql-devel
  ldapserv1:~ #

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