building freeradius 1.1.0 suse rpm

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at
Fri Jan 13 12:40:01 CET 2006

Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:

> > in suse 10.0 (to be more precise: opensuse 10.0) i can not find
> > a package named "perl-devel" either! and as rlm_perl.a and
> > are created it looks like this is not needed.
> You are right. There is no perl-devel on SUSE. perl should be
> sufficient. Looking at the CVS it seems that 'nbk' added it 10 days
> ago. IMHO it should be removed again.

libperl-dev was needed for the Debian package, therefore I've thought
other distribution would need perl-dev. Sorry, apparently it turns out
to be a mistake.

> I'll try to investigate and will post a new spec-file here then.

Please do so. We will fix the file suse/freeradius.spec in
release 1.1.1.

Nicolas Baradakis

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