FreeRadius not responding to a remote machine

shan t tshan77 at
Fri Jan 13 18:16:47 CET 2006

Thanks for the reply.

My Servers and clints are under the corporate firewall. But there is
no personal firewall installed on the machines. Can you please suggest
how can I overcome this situation..?


On 1/13/06, Dusty Doris <freeradius at> wrote:
> > But I am not able to connect to the freeradius from a remote machine
> > runs on Linux. I have configured the remote machine in the
> > clients.conf file and ran the server on debug mode. But the server is
> > not showing any trace of getting a connection from the server. I even
> > tried to connnect to the server from a windows XP machine using a
> > utility called NTRadPing. But it also behaves the same way.
> Firewall or routing.
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