[PATCH] rlm_python fixes

Paul P Komkoff Jr i at stingr.net
Tue Jan 17 21:49:25 CET 2006

Replying to Alan DeKok:
>   The main problem I have with your patch is that I can't tell what's
> changed.  You've mixed up re-formatting, re-arrangement, and new code
> all in the same patch.


1. Changed the way rlm_python_t is declared (more common to C
2. Added WITH_THREAD_POOL and corresponding ifdefs, which wrap
python_start_thread, destroy thread and some python thread support
function calls - to allow threaded operation.

(I think some of this code can be optimised away by using 2.3+
PyGILState_Ensure function but this can be marked as TODO after
initial work will be accepted)

3. Added a lot of Py_XDECREFs and a smaller number of INCREFs where

4. Added error handling where it's marked as TODO in original module.

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