[PATCH] rlm_python fixes

Paul P Komkoff Jr i at stingr.net
Tue Jan 17 21:22:23 CET 2006

Replying to Alan DeKok:
> Paul P Komkoff Jr <i at stingr.net> wrote:
> > Please consider applying the following patch to rlm_python.c
>   Hmm... see bugs.freeradius.org for yet another patch to the python
> module.


This is exactly the same code I've sent you.

>   The main problem I have with your patch is that I can't tell what's
> changed.  You've mixed up re-formatting, re-arrangement, and new code
> all in the same patch.

>From comments on this bug you can see that patch author tried to
modify module, but after some time he just rewrote it from scratch ...

>   If you could send a series of patches, each doing *one* thing, it
> would be a lot easier to tell what the code does.
>   And that would allow us to separate what appears to be gratuitous
> re-arrangement from bug fixes.

Well... it isn;t my rewrite, but indeed it fixes couple of bugs just
because of being redone using "modern" (wrt current python
documentation) style for embedding python.

Nevermind. If it is _so_ required I'll try to comment the changes.
Maybe will catch some bugs too. But current rlm_python is indeed
unusable. :)

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