Josip Almasi joe at vrspace.org
Thu Jul 13 01:03:11 CEST 2006


I need to remove some attributes from the reply(*).
Attr_filter does that only for proxy responses.
So I wrote it: I added another parameter to attr_filter config, 
filterlocal, defaults to 'no'. Once you set it to 'yes' it filters 
locally originated attributes too.
I did it in 1.0.1 source cuz it comes with redhat.
So, how do I contribute?

*) Yes nonsense you might say, just don't put these attribs to your 
config and you won't need to remove them, right?:)
But I use Caller-Station-Id (and others) to perform db lookups and in 
the process I change its value. For both proxied and local realms. In 
two-stage auth (proxy.conf:post_proxy_authorize=yes).


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