1.1.2 is broken if you have closefrom()

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at sitadelle.com
Thu Jun 15 12:42:34 CEST 2006

Frank Cusack wrote:

> On June 9, 2006 1:56:16 PM +0200 Nicolas Baradakis <nbk at sitadelle.com> wrote:
> > I also note the autotools versions have to be compatible: libtool 1.4
> > comes with autoconf 2.13, and libtool 1.5 comes with autoconf 2.50.
> > Upgrade one but not the other may lead to unpredictable results.
> Well, even 1.1 as-is actually requires autoconf-2.50.  I was going to put
> add that to configure.in as part of the patch.

I don't understand: the current branch 1.1 with libtool 1.4 has always
used autoconf 2.13.

> The current libtool-freeradius integration is pretty sloppy, it wasn't
> smooth sailing trying to upgrade.  We need to fix that.  The libtool
> just changes the build process, so I'm VERY confident of its correctness.
> I only updated ltdl because the new libtool requires it.  I'm also
> highly confident of ltdl correctness.

libtool isn't exactely what I'd call an "exact science". I'm more
confident in the patched version we have tested for a while in CVS
head than a new uptream release.

> I guess the only other thing I can say here is that the difference
> between 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 would be the non-FR software, if folks run into
> problems we can just tell them to use 1.1.2 instead ... with no worries
> of any actual FR differences.

I completely agree with that.

Nicolas Baradakis

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