Using radius to determine a users group membership.

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at
Sat Jun 17 18:22:16 CEST 2006


      I am not that familiar with radius so I was hoping a guru could 
help me out. Using a radius client library, I would like to be able to 
determine if a given user is a member of a given group. It would be 
preferable to use a method to somehow query this information ad-hock. As 
an alternative, if the server could be coaxed into returning the users 
membership information ( maybe during user authentication? ), that would 
work as well. I noticed that there are several keywords in the standard 
dictionary file that have to do with groups but am not sure what they 
are used for.

      If someone knows how to accomplish this, could they kindly point 
me to some documentation that describes the method? I tried sifting 
through the RFC's, the freeradius FAQ and the freeradius mailing list 
archives but had no luck.

      The client library I am using is radlib which is bundled with 
FreeBSD 6.x. The freeradius server I have configured is using the unix 
authentication module to query the system password and group databases.

Thanks in advance,


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