Reemission bug in multi-threaded mode - FreeRADIUS does not wake up properly

Chaigneau Nicolas chaigneaun at
Wed Nov 8 10:03:34 CET 2006

> > It seems that "request->proxy" is 0 when the condition is tested,
> > thus, FreeRADIUS considers there is no proxy outstanding for this
> > request.
> Yes.  It's an issue, but a minor one.  The solution is to always
> make the server synchronous, which has been done in the CVS head.
> Alan DeKok.

I agree this is a minor issue.

Setting up the serveur in synchronous mode is much simpler, although I think we would lose a few features that we need.

Detecting a proxy server is dead and failover to a backup server is important to us. In the current 1.1.3 version, failover is possible only in asynchronous mode. Will failover still be possible in the next release of FreeRADIUS ?

Also, we need to detect that a given proxied request did not receive any response, in order to send back a specific response to the NAS (Reject or Accept). Would it be possible in synchronous mode ?

Will the possibility to choose between synchronous and asynchronous remain in the CVS head, or do you plan to completely remove asynchronous mode ?

One more point about synchronous mode : currently, timeout and retries parameters are global to FreeRADIUS in the "proxy server" configuration section. If the retransmission mode is synchronous, wouldn't these parameters have to be defined per NAS, for instance in the clients.conf file ? each NAS can have different values for these settings.



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