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Hello from the wireless abyss [image: Smile]

Some background, I build these jukeboxes, they play videos over a bars Audio
Visual system by sending an sms to a cell phone built into to them. it also
has ringtones and a system of registering bluetooth users. This is all paid
for by a bill acceptor in the front of the machine. Inside your everyday PC,
with a hacked apart and soldered keyboard, a jimmy rigged bill acceptor on
the lpt port and a cell phone for getting sms's

So, you either had to come to the machine and pick your songs, or there had
to be printed out some menus or songlists, and I got all exicited cuz they
write they are going to come out with WAP over bluetooth (personal area
network protocol) and well I was going to have dynamic menus, so I started
digging around, stuck myself apache on one of these boxes, got it to serv
wap pages and the like. Then, the next thing I know, I think, hey, wouldn't
it be cool if I took all this media and made it distributable over wireless.
So, I went and ordered a WRT54GL and flashed the sucker. Got it all working,
you can log in, it checks FreeRadius.net (windows) and there you are with
this little hosted website on a windows box (all the rest of the stuff is C#
and mono doesn't run it so I am stuck with the OS)

In Ukraine, there are like 2 million credit card about, and , a DSL
connection will literally cost you a months wages ever month, about $150 for
2gig of traffic 256k (the average months salary) so, I more or less have
everything I need to set up these hotspots, let people use them for free for
the local stuff (UAMALLOWED chilli.conf) and I want to let them put money in
the bill acceptor to get real internet. I am assuming once I get the radius
tables in mysql, I can simply insert new values there for authentication
purposes so crediting joe user is easy enough.

Now I spent about an hour reading all the posts here but never found a real
solid kinda fix that I could squeeze under window (yeah, I know, it sucks,
but try to make the killer jukebox in Linux [image: Smile]

What I am missing, Or Radius is missing, is the way to kick off users that
have download their fair share (like 1/2 their monthly salary)

I am assuming that I need some other scripts to add up the various
accounting statements that are showing up in the log and to add them to the
user account and somewhere another script to kick them off the NAS.

Since I am new to all of this ( I got my router the other day ) I am pretty
happy I've made such progress, but no cookie for me cuz I will be broke the
day I turn it on as every 16 year old will be logged on.

The freeradius I am using doesn't include the dial up admin program
mentioned either.

BTW, I don't know how interesting these machines would be in the US, we have
made 3 of them and they are interesting, I am collecting all the soft and
configurations in one directory so I can redistribute what I've done so
hopefully helping me will help a lots of people:-) Sorry for my bad English,
thanking you much for your help and sorry if my post is considered offtopic,
I understood if you are installing these servers, this is the list and I
hope to have a lot of them installed as I will be using one radius server on
each local machine. :-)

Have a nice day
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