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Graham Beneke graham at apolix.co.za
Sun Oct 1 13:22:03 CEST 2006

D S wrote:
> What I am missing, Or Radius is missing, is the way to kick off users 
> that have download their fair share (like 1/2 their monthly salary)

You not missing anything. This a fairly well know problem within the 
Chillispot community - but most people there seem to just accept the 
limitation although there is no real reason that they should.

> I am assuming that I need some other scripts to add up the various 
> accounting statements that are showing up in the log and to add them to 
> the user account and somewhere another script to kick them off the NAS.

Yes - a module to do the accounting already exists and is called 
sqlcounter. The Chillispot supports some custom rad-reply attributes 
that allow you to specify how many Octets of data are allowed before the 
user is logged out.

I have been looking for a solution to the problem for a while now and I 
now finally know what needs to be done - it is just taking a little while.

What is missing is some virtual glue between sqlcounter and Chillispot. 
I already have the sqlcounter on my FreeRadius box doing all the 
accounting perfectly and correctly outputting the required download 
limit but due to the way sqlcounter is coded it outputs this value 
paired with the wrong radius attribute.

I am currently working on a patch to solve this. I will submit it when 
it is complete but it is not going as quickly as i had hoped.

If you would like to assist me with getting this patch finished and 
stable then I would really appreciate if you could contact me off list.


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