EAP-AKA authentication support

Phaneuf, Brian bphaneuf at reefpoint.com
Fri Sep 1 19:50:53 CEST 2006

Re: Diffs in comments. I now see the create attachment link on the bug
page which I did not notice before.

Re: Configure script. This is the config script for rlm_eap_aka. When
did a clean build, the make complained that it could not find it so I
assumed that it was needed. It has been omitted in the patch that I just
attached to the bug.

Re: Radius.conf, I followed what I saw in the eap-sim tests. That is the
only reason I included it at all. Since eap-aka and eap-sim do very
similar things and I copied most of eap-sim to implement eap-aka, I
though that is was the thing to do. Now I know that is it not.

Are there additional changes you need? What if anything should I do with
the radius.conf file in the patch?

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"Phaneuf, Brian" <bphaneuf at reefpoint.com> wrote:
> Alan - I have updated the bugzilla entry with the new diffs that also
> include the configure script in rlm_eap_aka that was missing from
> before.

  Please don't put the diff's in the comments.  Doing so makes it
impossible to apply the patch.  Add it as an attachment.

  And it's not necessary to include the 'configure' script.  It can be
generated from 'configure.in'.

  And I'm a little concerned about the whole-sale copy of radiusd.conf
as an "example".  Can you please add a separate attachment that is a
diff of the stock radiusd.conf.in file, and the example you have.

  Adding an additional complete copy of radiusd.conf to the tree is a
big problem.  It means that now two copies have to be kept in sync,
which is more work.  It also means that the "example" you posted is
configured for your local system, and is hard for others to use.

  I know there's already a copy of radiusd.conf in the src/eapsim-03
directory.  That's a bad idea, and it should be fixed.

  Alan DeKok.
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