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Well, the thing is that my patch only replaces the attributes from the
draft version. So it's an either or situation. It seems like the draft
version has some momentum already, but the rfc should really be the way
to go (no strange subattributes and such). It's more of a political
decision, should freeradius suppotr only the rfc, only the draft or
both? Maybe you can point me in the direction of the people/person who
made the digest module?


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"Alexander Schrab" <Alexander.Schrab at axis.com> wrote:
> I have been looking at the rfc 4590 (http digest) and done some tests 
> with freeradius. As I userstand it implements a similar but 
> uncompatible draft. Is anyone looking into this issue?


>  I have done a quick-n-dirty patch against 1.1.3 to support the 
> attributes defined in rfc4590, but I havn't looked into it in more 
> detail.

  Sure, submit a patch on bugs.freeradius.org.

  Alan DeKok.
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