1.1.7 rlm_detail locking is broken

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at sitadelle.com
Tue Dec 4 13:54:46 CET 2007

Brian De Wolf wrote:

> I've attached a revised patch.  I've dropped it in, and it works as 
> expected. It doesn't peg the CPU at all, I assume it spends most of its 
> time in the select's waiting on network traffic.  I almost want to add some 
> more sleeping though, it's hard to see the files appear and disappear, they 
> move so fast... :) I'll see how it responds during the day tomorrow, load 
>  is lighter right now (wireless users).

Many thanks for the second patch, and thanks for doing the testing, too.
Your efforts are lowering the amount of work on our side to a minimum.

I've reviewed your last patch and it looks ok to me. If Alan also
agrees, I'll apply it to branch 1.1 of CVS.

Nicolas Baradakis

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