reasoning/question about accounting_onoff_query

Duane Cox duanec at
Mon Dec 17 19:50:34 CET 2007

Correct me if I'm wrong...

But I believe the "accounting_onoff_query" is to be executed by a rebooting
nas, or other similiar situation, so that all accounts that are currently
"online" or specifiically all accounting records that are open (START), are
to be closed, only accounts pertaining to that specific nas..  Well that's
how I read the conf file.

If so, souldn't the query also update the AcctStatusType to "Stop" ??

I've looked over all the db examples, and they are pretty much the same,
update the StopTime, SessionTime, TerminateCause, etc, but they don't update
the StatusType... why?


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