reasoning/question about accounting_onoff_query

Duane Cox duanec at
Tue Dec 18 16:50:18 CET 2007

Since the code will only trigger this query on accounting on and off
packets, perhaps we should set the AcctStatusType = '%{Acct-Status-Type}'
which should result in "Accounting-On" or "Accounting-Off"

I just don't like the idea of leaving it set to "Start", and I do agree
setting it to "Stop" would be misleading...

Other suggestions?

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On 2007-Dec-17, at 15:33, Peter Nixon wrote:

> On Mon 17 Dec 2007, Duane Cox wrote:
>> Correct me if I'm wrong...
>> But I believe the "accounting_onoff_query" is to be executed by a
>> rebooting nas, or other similiar situation, so that all accounts  
>> that are
>> currently "online" or specifiically all accounting records that are  
>> open
>> (START), are to be closed, only accounts pertaining to that  
>> specific nas..
>> Well that's how I read the conf file.
>> If so, souldn't the query also update the AcctStatusType to "Stop" ??
>> I've looked over all the db examples, and they are pretty much the  
>> same,
>> update the StopTime, SessionTime, TerminateCause, etc, but they don't
>> update the StatusType... why?
> Possibly, although if there is a acctstoptime then the StatusType is  
> not
> really necessary. Maybe the StatusType should be set to "off" or  
> something
> similar to be explicit about how the record was closed... (These  
> type of
> behaviours are not defined by RFCs so we try to come up with the most
> logical/usefull setup)
> Cheers

I agree with Peter on this one. I would set the Acct-Terminate-Cause to
something like NAS-Reset. Setting the Acct-Status-Type to Stop would
in fact be misrepresenting the facts. In practice we do no "Bill"  
for use if we do not get a valid stop record, but we also configure a  
session time, because our NAS provider does not support interim updates.
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