reasoning/question about accounting_onoff_query

Peter Nixon listuser at
Sun Dec 23 16:08:41 CET 2007

On Tue 18 Dec 2007, Duane Cox wrote:
> Since the code will only trigger this query on accounting on and off
> packets, perhaps we should set the AcctStatusType = '%{Acct-Status-Type}'
> which should result in "Accounting-On" or "Accounting-Off"
> I just don't like the idea of leaving it set to "Start", and I do agree
> setting it to "Stop" would be misleading...

While this is not a bad idea, the question is, is it worth another database 
field (AcctStatusType doesnt exist currently in the schema) given that 
AcctTerminateCause should already be set with the message sent by the NAS..



Peter Nixon

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