--with-udpfromto under Linux and FreeBSD

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Fri Feb 16 17:44:23 CET 2007

Patrick Sudowe wrote:
> is there a reason why WITH_UDPFROMTO is not enabled by default on Linux
> and FreeBSD systems?

  History.  When it went in, it was experimental.

> Shouldn't the autoconf notice that this feature is supported on the host
> system, and accordingly activate the feature?

  Yes, now that enough people have used it.

> I believe that the feature is only available on Linux and FreeBSD, but I
> might be wrong.

  It's available on multiple platforms.  For IPv6 platforms, the IPv6
equivalent is mandatory.

> It took me a while to go through the code and find that feature. My
> Linux based server would not respond with the right address when
> configured to bind to *. (this is v1.1.4 I am talking about)
> At first I suspected a bug and wanted to fix it. Then I realized that
> everything was already there, but not activated.

  That issue is in the FAQ...

> ./configure --with-udpfromto
> activates the feature. The server now responds with the right IP and
> everything works flawlessly.
> The switch --with-udpfromto is explained nowhere in the INSTALLATION
> file nor in the webbased documentation.

  Yes, the server documentation is less than stellar at times.

> A couple minutes ago I added the hint to the freeradius wiki. So
> hopefully others will find this feature more easily.

  I think it's worth enabling in 1.1.5.  It won't hurt anything, and it
will help some people avoid problems.

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