--with-udpfromto under Linux and FreeBSD

Peter Nixon listuser at peternixon.net
Fri Feb 16 17:49:17 CET 2007

On Fri 16 Feb 2007 18:44, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Patrick Sudowe wrote:
> > is there a reason why WITH_UDPFROMTO is not enabled by default on Linux
> > and FreeBSD systems?
>   History.  When it went in, it was experimental.
> > Shouldn't the autoconf notice that this feature is supported on the host
> > system, and accordingly activate the feature?
>   Yes, now that enough people have used it.
> > I believe that the feature is only available on Linux and FreeBSD, but I
> > might be wrong.
>   It's available on multiple platforms.  For IPv6 platforms, the IPv6
> equivalent is mandatory.
> > It took me a while to go through the code and find that feature. My
> > Linux based server would not respond with the right address when
> > configured to bind to *. (this is v1.1.4 I am talking about)
> > At first I suspected a bug and wanted to fix it. Then I realized that
> > everything was already there, but not activated.
>   That issue is in the FAQ...
> > ./configure --with-udpfromto
> >
> > activates the feature. The server now responds with the right IP and
> > everything works flawlessly.
> >
> > The switch --with-udpfromto is explained nowhere in the INSTALLATION
> > file nor in the webbased documentation.
>   Yes, the server documentation is less than stellar at times.
> > A couple minutes ago I added the hint to the freeradius wiki. So
> > hopefully others will find this feature more easily.
>   I think it's worth enabling in 1.1.5.  It won't hurt anything, and it
> will help some people avoid problems.

I believe it is enabled by default in the binary packages for almost all 
distros and in our spec files so even if you built your own rpm or deb it 
should have been enabled. If you did a manual install from source.. well.. I 
guess looking at the configure options is a good idea ;-)


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