feedback on building latest branch_1_1 on sles10

Markus Krause krause at
Sat Feb 17 01:12:11 CET 2007

Hi developers!

As it seems that 1.1.5 will be released soon (see below ;-)) here some  
feedback on building the latest cvs branch_1_1. If you don't need  
('cause you do this on your own often enough) please let me know, i  
don't want to steal your time, just want to contribute (and if it's  
only some testing ...)

So what i did: Just pulled branch_1_1 from cvs and tried to build on  
SLES10 (32bit), using the suse/freeradius.spec i found to things:

   Version: 1.1.3
shouldn't that be at least 1.1.4?

the following line refuses the building as the file "otppasswd.sample"  
is not found:

   %attr(640,-,radiusd) /etc/raddb/otppasswd.sample

after commenting out this line the build runs without problems.
installing the rpm-package: i got a working freeradius server using  
ldap (auth,autz), mysql (auth,acct), rlm_perl, eap with usage of  
realms seems to run without problems. so, great work, go on! ;-)

if i can help in some way (testing etc., can do this on sles10, debian  
on macosx if needed) please let me know, otherwise just ignore this  
message ;-)


Zitat von Alan DeKok <aland at>:
> Bjarni Hardarson wrote:
>> Alan DeKok wrote:
>>>   I've tested & committed a fix that will be in 1.1.5.
>> Thanks.
>> Do you know when 1.1.5 will be released?
>   Soon, I think.  In the mean time, "branch_1_1" in CVS has the fix.
>   Alan DeKok.
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