New FreeRADIUS module: rlm_backcounter

Peter Nixon listuser at
Sat Feb 24 19:58:11 CET 2007

On Sat 24 Feb 2007 20:50, Pawel Foremski wrote:
> On Saturday 24 February 2007 19:24, Peter Nixon wrote:
> > Regarding the additional attributes you define for the dictionary, you
> > should register an Enterprise number for them, and then we can add them
> > to your very own dictionary.asnet as a VSA.
> I don't understand.
> The attributes there are only as an example, the module does not send any
> attributes in auth/acct replies. The final configuration depends strongly
> on local setup. Defining any attributes would break the module flexibility
> -- it's not meant to do only the monthly transfer limits.

Hmm... Alan what do you think of this?

> How defining new VSA could help if the module is going to be included in
> cvs (I hope)?
> We already have our dictionary in FreeRADIUS cvs, dictionary.asn, BTW.

Yep. I just found it a few minutes ago..


Peter Nixon
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