rlm_ldap and TLS

Frank Cusack fcusack at fcusack.com
Wed Jan 3 07:59:46 CET 2007

On January 2, 2007 8:50:12 PM -0800 Frank Cusack <fcusack at fcusack.com> 
> But I'm thinking that maybe there are no users of start tls functionality
> in rlm_ldap.

Or, I'm not using ldap_set_option properly.  The TLS options have to
be setup *before* calling ldap_initalize().  sigh.

This one is still interesting:

> Line 2088, on what systems is ldap_int_tls_config() exposed?  This is
> available in libldap (sloppy on OpenLDAP's part IMHO) but not in ldap.h.

The char * values for this option (which ldap_int_tls_config() takes)
should probably be converted to the int #defines and use ldap_set_option()


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