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Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Jan 14 20:24:48 CET 2007

Valts Mazurs wrote:
> To avoid GPLish stuff you could either develop Python or Perl module
> for FreeRADIUS or just use RADIUS server which doesn't come with GPL
> "goodies".

  If you're going to bash the server and direct people to your own
product, I suggest you unsubscribe.

  As for the comments on your web page:

> While there are quite large number of Radius servers (including free)
> available in the world, little number of them (if any) are developed
> with VoIP specific needs in mind.

  FreeRADIUS is developed with VOIP in mind, along with 802.1x, and
almost anything else RADIUS related.  In fact, by editing 3 lines of
text in "radiusd.conf", the server will support VOIP out of the box.

  But you're right, that's too much work.  I'll update the "digest"
module so that that much work is no longer necessary.

> Typical VoIP RADIUS server should be able to take high amount of AAA
> requests in short time periods, handle large databases, and respond
> timely to prevent time-outs and request retransmission cases.

  RADIUS servers that don't do that are servers that no one uses.

> Most commonly used VoIP protocols (SIP and H.323) use small number of
>  Authentication methods (e.g. CHAP and Digest), and this can allow
> reduce processing overhead and code size of server.

  "reduce processing overhead" - Nonsense.

  FreeRADIUS is configurable, to let you process only what you need for
your site.  And if your RADIUS server is handling more than 10 requests
per second, you have a HUGE site.  And commodity hardware can handle
1000's of requests per second, so "processing overhead" is negligible.

  "reduce code size" - Nonsense.

  FreeRADIUS is modular, so that the only code you need to install is
code you will use.

  The developers of FreeRADIUS have to maintain more code than most
systems use, of course.  But that's not rocket science.

  Alan DeKok.
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