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Valts Mazurs valts at
Sun Jan 14 20:06:30 CET 2007


To avoid GPLish stuff you could either develop Python or Perl module
for FreeRADIUS or just use RADIUS server which doesn't come with GPL
Since I am maintainer of BSDRadius project ( I
suggest you to try it. BSDRadius provides quick and easy way how to
write additional modules in Python.
However there is also Openradius ( which
allows to write external modules in any programming language.
Sorry guys but FreeRADIUS's support for external, Python and Perl
modules is not very bright at the moment.

Best regards,

Peter Nixon wrote:
> On Sun 14 Jan 2007 19:33, Abhinay Sinha wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am developing a billing package for ISPs. I am trying to use the
> > freeradius server, but my problem is that my database schemas are
> > complex and won't be working with the available modules.
> Complex database structures can still be accommodated via database
> stored procedures which are usually faster than sending multiple
> queries to a database in any case.
> > That means I will have to develop a custom module for my software
> > and compile it with freeradius. My problem is that if I do that, it
> > won't be compatible with general RADIUS servers and I'll have to
> > provide the software with freeradius server and my module. So will
> > it mean that I'll have to keep my software GPL
> Yes
> > , since I am using and distributing 
> > freeradius and also it contains mysql server, or can I distribute my
> > software commercially?
> Yes. You may of course sell the software, however under the terms of
> the GPL you will of course have to make the source code to your
> module available also.
> Regards

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