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Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Jan 15 15:51:36 CET 2007

Valts Mazurs wrote:

> What I mean is that I would like to process all authorization requests
> before accounting requests. That means if there are any auth requests
> in queue, working thread takes the youngest auth request. The logic is
> that it is more reasonable to give answer to the youngest auth request
> and deliver the answer in time. Older auth requests might be already
> unworthy and there is no point of processing them.
> Accounting requests may wait into the queue until they are processed.

  a) run a radius server for authentication
  b) run a different radius server for accounting
  c) "nice +15" the accounting server.

  Why write code when you can use standard Unix utilities?  This won't
do *exactly* what you want, but it will come close.

>>> And what if accounting response could be sent even before processing
>>> the request?
>> This is possible in FreeRADIUS.
> My needs are:
> 1) incoming acct request
> 2) send acct response
> 3) pass request for modules to process
> 4) see if processing was ok
> 5) log the request to special file if processing failed

  In a word: No.

  It's possible, but it's wrong.

  A better approach is to use rlm_sql_log, which is a fast & cheap way
to log the SQL inserts.  A perl script can then run the inserts when the
system isn't busy.

  Your approach involves the possibility of losing data, and still
writes to a "special file".  Why not just write to a "special file" all
of the time?

>I'm not telling that FreeRADIUS would be slow. It really is not.
> Simply... there are ways how to help slow backends appear as not so
> slow for end user.

  Decouple the backend from the front end.  This is a standard way to
make systems more robust, scalable, and easy to maintain.

  Alan DeKok.
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