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Peter Nixon <listuser at> wrote:

> > And what if  authorization requests had higher priority than the accounting 
> ones?
> This is possible in FreeRADIUS. I run separate sql modules for accounting and 
> auth with different DB usernames. You may then assign different numbers of 
> sockets to them, fail them over differently (even use sql_log for accounting 
> if you wish) and assign different priorities to the queries on the database 
> side (if your DB supports such options), or different physical machines if 
> you wish.. (Auth queries can run on a read only slave mirror of the master 
> DB for example)

What I mean is that I would like to process all authorization requests
before accounting requests. That means if there are any auth requests
in queue, working thread takes the youngest auth request. The logic is
that it is more reasonable to give answer to the youngest auth request
and deliver the answer in time. Older auth requests might be already
unworthy and there is no point of processing them.
Accounting requests may wait into the queue until they are processed.

> > And what if accounting response could be sent even before processing
> > the request?
> This is possible in FreeRADIUS.

My needs are:
1) incoming acct request
2) send acct response
3) pass request for modules to process
4) see if processing was ok
5) log the request to special file if processing failed

If it is possible in FreeRADIUS I will consider it as my fault that I
have not found this functionality by myself.

> > In VoIP world 50 requests per second is nothing BIG. Users begin
> > and terminate their sessions very often. The main reason is bad
> > link quality which results in many unsuccessful call attempts.
> Yes. You are correct. I have happily put 1000 requests per second through 
> FreeRADIUS. It all depends on a properly setup backend..

I'm not telling that FreeRADIUS would be slow. It really is not.
Simply... there are ways how to help slow backends appear as not so
slow for end user.

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