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Peter Nixon listuser at
Mon Jan 15 21:41:55 CET 2007

On Mon 15 Jan 2007 22:16, Alan DeKok wrote:
> > I would be interested to see you run a benchmark to show that your
> > algorithm for dealing with newest Auth request first is actually a
> > performance gain in a high load environment. (I suspect that it will
> > make very little difference compared with out caching system) If it does
> > make a considerable difference, then of course we would consider adding
> > a similar feature to FreeRADIUS. (ie. Please prove to us that what you
> > have done is actually better!)
>   Dealing the the newest request first is *bad*.  FreeRADIUS puts
> requests into a queue, and discards requests from the queue if it
> determines that they've timed out, or that the NAS has given up on them.
>   Priority (or time-based) queues stabilize networks.  FILO queues do not.

Yeah. It seems to me that a FILO queue on a AAA server could lead to some 
very difficult to debug network behavior...


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