SQL config file names

Hugh Messenger hugh at alaweb.com
Fri Jul 20 19:27:28 CEST 2007

Alan DeKok said:
>   That's a few too many directories for me.  I've just done:
> sql/mysql/schema.sql
> sql/mysql/*.conf

Alan also said:

> Directories are cheap.

Did the price of directories take a hike in the last day or so?  I haven't
been following the Directories Futures market.  :-)

>   Hmm... maybe I should have made "dialup.sql", which means adding a
> "ippool.sql" schema would make sense.

I know I already mentioned this several times, but ... can't we call the
files after the modules they belong to (minus the rlm_):


... so at a glance we know sql.*  belongs to rlm_sql, sqlippool.* belongs to
rlm_sqlippool, etc.

Calling the base rlm_sql stuff 'dialup' is a little confusing ... for
instance, I don't have a single dialup going though FR (yet, busy migrating
from Funk/Juniper), but I make extensive use of rlm_sql.  And having
ippool.* tends to suggest it has something to do with the 'ippool' module
rather than the 'sqlippool' module.

A minor point, I know, but anything that helps reduce potential confusion is
a Good Thing, IMHO.

>   Alan DeKok.

   -- hugh

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