SQL config file names

Peter Nixon listuser at peternixon.net
Mon Jul 23 12:40:59 CEST 2007

> I know I already mentioned this several times, but ... can't we call the
> files after the modules they belong to (minus the rlm_):
> sql/mysql/sql.conf
> sql/mysql/sql.sql
> sql/mysql/sqlippool.conf
> sql/mysql/sqlippool.sql
> ... so at a glance we know sql.*  belongs to rlm_sql, sqlippool.* belongs
> to rlm_sqlippool, etc.
> Calling the base rlm_sql stuff 'dialup' is a little confusing ... for
> instance, I don't have a single dialup going though FR (yet, busy
> migrating from Funk/Juniper), but I make extensive use of rlm_sql.  

Point taken. I am by no means wedded to the name dialup, but as I mentioned 
previously I wanted to have the ability to have different configs for 
different types of installations. I was planning to contribute a fully 
virtualised config shortly which separates everything by callingstationid 
for example. (And we already have the voip specific config for postgresql)

Maybe we should call it sql/mysql/default.conf etc

What do you think?

> And 
> having ippool.* tends to suggest it has something to do with the 'ippool'
> module rather than the 'sqlippool' module.

I think the sql/ directory gives away the fact that its an sql related 
module :-)

> A minor point, I know, but anything that helps reduce potential confusion
> is a Good Thing, IMHO.

Agreed, but is this actually confusing? The top of the file lists:
# FreeRADIUS rlm_sqlippool SQL Queries for the MySQL Dialect

I think any confusion should quickly pass...


Peter Nixon

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