SQL config file names

Peter Nixon listuser at peternixon.net
Mon Jul 23 16:13:54 CEST 2007

On Mon 23 Jul 2007, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Peter Nixon wrote:
> > Why? What is the benefit of making people import two schema's instead of
> > one? I don't see how having one extra, possibly unused table in the
> > default schema is at all harmfull, and in my opinion the added
> > "cleanliness" does not make up for the extra command every user will
> > have to type when they want to setup sqlippool (Which I believe is going
> > to be a wildly popular module in the near future :-)
>   That's what documentation && makefiles are for.
>   We could have "make install-schema" which installs the schemas.  At
> that point, it doesn't matter if they're in one file, or 10,000 files.

That is actually not as easy as it sounds as every operating system and 
database has a different method of authenticating to the DB engine and 
installing the schema. On SUSE at least, password authentication is not 
enabled by default with PostgreSQL, instead in checks your local IDENT. 
Therefore, even in a radius user exists in the DB as root or any other user 
you cannot login as that user.
To even create a Postgresql "radius" user, you have to "su - postgres ; 
createuser radius" as you cannot connect to the db as the "postgres" DB 
super user unless you are logged into the system as the "postgres" system 

I am also not sure that we want to be automagically changing the postgresql 
config file and restarting it. IMHO these operations are best left to the 
DBA, however making those operations as easy as possible is obviously a good 


Peter Nixon

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