[Patch] Pre-Acct-Type dict value registration

Alan Dekok aland at deployingradius.com
Mon Jun 11 15:44:29 CEST 2007

Lv Zheng wrote:
> "libradiusd" is also a part of my win32 FreeRADIUS port.

  Why?  I don't understand.  The server is Posix, and almost everything
should build as part of MingW.  There's very little that needs to be
done to port it to Windows.

> Modules are calling APIs exported by it.

  Which is already done in the server.  Is there a particular need for a
library under Windows?

>  I'm planning to publish this win32-FreeRADIUS variation
> under GPL.  I wish it would be useful for FreeRADIUS users.

  Since FreeRADIUs is under the GPL, I would say also that the variant
has to be distributed under the GPL.

>>   That is, any code using "libradiusd" MUST be GPL'd.  If you're not
>> willing to GPL it, then you CANNOT use the GPL code in FreeRADIUS, and
>> you CANNOT use libradiusd.
> It is sad to me, I really had a funny toy for FreeRADIUS, but I also built it upon
> software modules that are not owned by me...

  That doesn't really matter.  ANY company or individual who is
distributing a product based on FreeRADIUS code in a "libradiusd" MUST
release the full source code to their application under the GPL, OR stop
using the FreeRADIUS source code.

  If this product is distributed anywhere in the world, then the
FreeRADIUS developers *will* enforce their copyright.  I suggest you
inform your superiors that it may not be legal to sell the product you
have built.  This limitation has obvious business impacts.

  Alan DeKok.
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