[Patch] Pre-Acct-Type dict value registration

Lv Zheng lv.zheng at soliton.com.cn
Mon Jun 11 15:25:32 CEST 2007

Alan DeKok wrote:

>   If your company is developing a product based on modifying the
> FreeRADIUS source code, then the GPL license MUST be followed.  There
> will be no exceptions.

"libradiusd" is also a part of my win32 FreeRADIUS port. Modules are calling
APIs exported by it.  I'm planning to publish this win32-FreeRADIUS variation
under GPL.  I wish it would be useful for FreeRADIUS users.

>   That is, any code using "libradiusd" MUST be GPL'd.  If you're not
> willing to GPL it, then you CANNOT use the GPL code in FreeRADIUS, and
> you CANNOT use libradiusd.

It is sad to me, I really had a funny toy for FreeRADIUS, but I also built it upon
software modules that are not owned by me...

Best regards,
Lv Zheng

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