freeradius-client updates

Chris Parker cparker at
Thu Jun 21 18:48:55 CEST 2007

I've been making progress on the freeradius-client library.

The CVS head now contains some additional config checks to help with  

Changed some 'unsigned int/int' to 'size_t'.

Changed some 'bzero' to 'memset'.

Added some casts to clear some warnings.

I've removed most(all?) of the non-threadsafe calls, and replaced  
with appropriate
threadsafe calls wherever I could.  There is still some problem with  
calls.  I created a wrapper for those, but when I define hosts by  
name, instead
of by address, I'm still seeing packets launch off into the  
stratosphere instead
of to the defined host(s).  This leads me to believe that there is  
still some sort
of problem in the 'send_server()' logic.  It works perfectly if the  
code defines
the servers via dotted-quad ( which is certainly far preferred ).

The library is now working as part of an embedded radiusclient built  
into the
FreeSWITCH ( ) server.  Yay!  It is doing  
( Start/Stop ) at this point.

It is still a bit rough around the edges, and some additional cleanup  
still needs
to be done, though it's definitely improved.

I'm looking for some feedback/testing from others, to make sure the  
other programs
which use the library ( radtest, radacct, radlogin, etc. ) are not  
broken.  I've
tested them as best I can, but want to have others with other build  
and usage scenarios confirm.  :)

Unless there's any major problems that anyone sees, I think we're  
ready to take
another snapshot of CVS head and release an updated version.

Anyone with feedback on the packages ( /debian, /rpm ) etc, would be  
welcome as
I've not updated those yet.

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