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Peter Nixon listuser at
Thu Jun 21 19:38:40 CEST 2007

On Thu 21 Jun 2007, Chris Parker wrote:
> I've been making progress on the freeradius-client library.
> The CVS head now contains some additional config checks to help with
> some
> portability.
> Changed some 'unsigned int/int' to 'size_t'.
> Changed some 'bzero' to 'memset'.
> Added some casts to clear some warnings.
> I've removed most(all?) of the non-threadsafe calls, and replaced
> with appropriate
> threadsafe calls wherever I could.  There is still some problem with
> 'gethostby_*'
> calls.  I created a wrapper for those, but when I define hosts by
> name, instead
> of by address, I'm still seeing packets launch off into the
> stratosphere instead
> of to the defined host(s).  This leads me to believe that there is
> still some sort
> of problem in the 'send_server()' logic.  It works perfectly if the
> code defines
> the servers via dotted-quad ( which is certainly far preferred ).
> The library is now working as part of an embedded radiusclient built
> into the
> FreeSWITCH ( ) server.  Yay!  It is doing
> accounting
> ( Start/Stop ) at this point.
> It is still a bit rough around the edges, and some additional cleanup
> still needs
> to be done, though it's definitely improved.
> I'm looking for some feedback/testing from others, to make sure the
> other programs
> which use the library ( radtest, radacct, radlogin, etc. ) are not
> broken.  I've
> tested them as best I can, but want to have others with other build
> environments
> and usage scenarios confirm.  :)
> Unless there's any major problems that anyone sees, I think we're
> ready to take
> another snapshot of CVS head and release an updated version.
> Anyone with feedback on the packages ( /debian, /rpm ) etc, would be
> welcome as
> I've not updated those yet.

I have updated the rpms on the openSUSE build service with last night's 

Whats the chance of you setting up a "Automatic report from sources 
(radiusc)" btw?


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