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Fri Jun 22 14:30:33 CEST 2007

On Fri 22 Jun 2007, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Peter Nixon wrote:
> >>   It's getting close to the point where we'll need to release the
> >> dictionaries as a separate package, I think.
> >
> > Yes. I think that is a good idea, especially given that the dictionaries
> > are being added to basically every month. I think it would make sense
> > for the dictionaries to have a different version scheme and be released
> > on a much more regular basis than the other client and server code bases
> > as they don't require much if any testing, and are very small in size.
>   The one caveat is that the dictionaries are currently pretty
> incestuous with the server.  So we need to ensure that the dictionaries
> *also* work with radiusclient, etc. too.

Yes. That is not currently the case, but splitting the dictionaries into a 
different package would be the best place to start IMHO. Wichert may also be 
convinced to use them with pyrad then... (Not to mention the other radius 
server projects whom I am sure would like to leverage them)

>   And can we get whoever is using dictionary.sip to use VSA's?  Having
> yet another group stomp on the RFC attribute space is narrow-minded and
> annoying.

Yes. The culprits are SER and openSER. The openSER guys how now registered 
their own enterprise number, although I not sure if the SER guys have. Now 
that chris has done the great work of making radiusclient work as an 
embedded library, and has FreeSWITCH using (which needs very similar 
attributes to SER) I think we can get the SER and openSER guys to rewrite 
their radius modules. The openSER guys in particular are very happy to do 
so, but would like some assistance from us, which I have unfortunately been 
unable to give so far (Chris, if you have time would you have a chat with 
the openSER and/or SER guys about your changes to radiusclient?)



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