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Chris Parker cparker at
Fri Jun 22 17:28:23 CEST 2007

On Jun 22, 2007, at 7:30 AM, Peter Nixon wrote:

> On Fri 22 Jun 2007, Alan DeKok wrote:
>>   And can we get whoever is using dictionary.sip to use VSA's?   
>> Having
>> yet another group stomp on the RFC attribute space is narrow- 
>> minded and
>> annoying.
> Yes. The culprits are SER and openSER. The openSER guys how now  
> registered
> their own enterprise number, although I not sure if the SER guys  
> have. Now
> that chris has done the great work of making radiusclient work as an
> embedded library, and has FreeSWITCH using (which needs very similar
> attributes to SER) I think we can get the SER and openSER guys to  
> rewrite
> their radius modules. The openSER guys in particular are very happy  
> to do
> so, but would like some assistance from us, which I have  
> unfortunately been
> unable to give so far (Chris, if you have time would you have a  
> chat with
> the openSER and/or SER guys about your changes to radiusclient?)

Sure.  I'll be at cluecon next week, and I believe Daniel (of Openser  
will be there.  If he wants to talk then, that would be great.

The best/easiest place to look would be how the library is used in  
the radius cdr
module in FreeSWITCH.

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