radrelay in 1.1.x and in 2.x

Geoffroy Arnoud garnoud at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 8 15:25:17 CET 2007

--- Alan DeKok <aland at deployingradius.com> a écrit :

> Geoffroy Arnoud wrote:
> > What happens if I plug radrelay (1_1_x) on a
> > FreeRADIUS, having N remote servers for each given
> > realm. Would I get approximately the same
> behaviour?
>   You would need N copies of the detail file, and N
> radrelays, but yes,
> that would work.

I mean having:
- One FreeRADIUS receiving input acct/auth, forwarding
auth and logging acct
- One radrelay forwarding acct to another FreeRADIUS,
with all the realms defined
- The last FreeRADIUS performing async forwarding,
retransmissions and dead server detection

In that case, only one radrelay is required?

Thanks for your answers



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