radrelay in 1.1.x and in 2.x

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Thu Mar 8 16:33:54 CET 2007

Geoffroy Arnoud wrote:
> I mean having:
> - One FreeRADIUS receiving input acct/auth, forwarding
> auth and logging acct
> - One radrelay forwarding acct to another FreeRADIUS,
> with all the realms defined
> - The last FreeRADIUS performing async forwarding,
> retransmissions and dead server detection

  I'm not sure what you mean by that...  Your previous messages were
somewhat clearer.

  If you want to proxy accounting data to home server A, or if it's
down, B, or if it's down, C... then the server already supports that.
It's *not* a function of radrelay, it's a function of the server.

   Radrelay will read the detail file, and send the accounting packets
to one RADIUS server.  That server will be configured with N home
servers, in a fail-over relationship.  It will take care of failing over
from one server to another, and radrelay won't even know.

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