PAM Module Patch and Feature

David Mitchell mitchell at
Thu Mar 22 23:27:44 CET 2007

David Mitchell wrote:
> Frank Cusack wrote:
>> On March 22, 2007 10:28:36 AM -0700 Frank Cusack <fcusack at> 
>> wrote:
>>> The ruser feature has been commited.  Alan, could you roll up a new
>>> release? -frank
>> Actually, hold off on that.  I have another change I've been working on
>> for awhile that I'd like to commit.
> I would actually like to do a little more testing as well before it's
> committed. I get very different behavior in 'su' versus 'sudo' which I
> want to understand better. I think it's something with the clients and
> not the PAM modules. Either way, I want to make sure I understand it in
> case it's something my patch is doing.

I think I figured out the source for the 'odd' behavior I was seeing. In
a nutshell, my timeout on the PAM module side was shorter than the delay
imposed by the freeradius server for bad passwords. I need to play
around more and find out what a 'safe' value is. Do you happen to know
where in the freeradius/otpd/lsmd chain the bad password delay is being
imposed? I can probably find it, but I'm guessing that you know.


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