Detail file handling

Peter Nixon listuser at
Fri May 4 16:08:52 CEST 2007

On Fri 04 May 2007, Alan DeKok wrote:
>   OK... the code to handle the detail file is now in.
>  radiusd.conf:
> listen {
> 	type = detail
> 	filename = foo
> 	max_outstanding = 10  # this will be deleted later
> }
>   If one thread is waiting for something to do, then ONE packet is read
> from the detail file, and handed to a child thread.
>   This means that if the server is busy handling authentication and/or
> accounting requests, it completely ignores the detail file.  As it should.
>   I've also updated the "detail" module so that in the post-proxy
> section, it writes the accounting packet IF there's no reply from the
> home server.  This lets the detail module sit in Post-Proxy-Type Fail,
> and Just Do The Right Thing.
>   Please test.  I've done some basic work, and it should be OK.  It
> doesn't hit assertions, it doesn't crash, and I've run 1000's of packets
> through it.

Sounds great. I will test it asap. 

Only thing that comes to mind is that you may want to add a "delay" option 
that pauses the read thread for X milliseconds in between packets to allow 
throttling of packets. This is not critical, but rather a "nice to have" 
option that should be trivial to implement while you are digging around in 
that section of the code..


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