Gigaword support, compiling today

Alan Dekok aland at
Wed May 30 09:35:16 CEST 2007

Stefan Winter wrote:
> Sorry. Attached a proper one. Note that except for the Gigawords thing, all 
> other changes are whitespace changes. No tabs, just quite a few \
> linebreaks and filler spaces to hopefully make stuff easier read- and 
> diffable.


> This version is not tested at all because today morning's CVS build doesn't 
> compile. Will do tests as soon as I get a working "make install".

  I've committed the fix.  I have 3-4 things on the go in one sandbox,
so I often miss committing something when I'm committing a number of files.

> Three compiling issues so far:
> - fresh this morning:


> - I ran into this sed -i thing on "make install" yesterday
> - NEW? make -j 3 fails to pick up a dependency of sources and breaks during 
> rlm_eap_ttls. A second make -j 3 try then compiles successfully, so it's 
> probably just the build system not getting compile orders correct. 

  I've seen that for a long time, too.  It has to do with the recursive
nature of the Makefiles, which means Make doesn't know about

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