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Stefan Winter stefan.winter at
Wed May 30 12:04:27 CEST 2007

> > - NEW? make -j 3 fails to pick up a dependency of sources and breaks
> > during rlm_eap_ttls. A second make -j 3 try then compiles successfully,
> > so it's probably just the build system not getting compile orders
> > correct.
>   I've seen that for a long time, too.  It has to do with the recursive
> nature of the Makefiles, which means Make doesn't know about
> inter-dependencies.

Hm, I see. I tried to dig out my old KDE-dev Makefile knowledge, which isn't 
much. I was able to slightly modify the Makefile in rlm_eap/types so that tls 
comes before everything else, i.e. before ttls and peap, which depend on it.

That part of serialisation worked fine, but I got stuck somewhere else: 
rlm_eap main dir. There, the subdir libeap must be compiled before the 
directory itself. The include of ../rules.mak appears to break this. I'm 
pretty confident I could solve this if I put all the sources that are in the 
rlm_eap dir itself into an own subdir ("main"?) and then declare that subdir 
libeap gets priority over subdir main. The way it is now can't do that AFAICT 
since I don't dare touching rules.mak.
Before I locally work on relocating the files into a subdir, do you think this 
is a good way forward? If the answer is no, i'll save the time digging into 

I think that the speedup due to parallelisation would be quite nice, since 
almost all modules are mostly independent. I guess all except eap and sql.




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