make -j >1

Alan Dekok aland at
Wed May 30 14:33:17 CEST 2007

Stefan Winter wrote:
> Hm, I see. I tried to dig out my old KDE-dev Makefile knowledge, which isn't 
> much. I was able to slightly modify the Makefile in rlm_eap/types so that tls 
> comes before everything else, i.e. before ttls and peap, which depend on it.


> That part of serialisation worked fine, but I got stuck somewhere else: 
> rlm_eap main dir. There, the subdir libeap must be compiled before the 
> directory itself. The include of ../rules.mak appears to break this. 

  That's more a side effect of invoking Make as a child process, inside
of "for" loops in shell script.  That will be difficult to fix.

> I think that the speedup due to parallelisation would be quite nice, since 
> almost all modules are mostly independent. I guess all except eap and sql.

  The way to fix it cleanly is non-recursive make:

  But that requires major changes to the Makefile.

  Alan DeKok.
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