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Stephen Gran steve at
Sun Sep 2 13:23:52 CEST 2007

On Sat, Sep 01, 2007 at 05:31:01PM -0300, Humberto Diogenes said:
> On 01/09/2007, at 08:39, Stephen Gran wrote: Stephen,
>   It worked fine with dpkg-dev 1.13.11. I then had to edit debian/
>   control again to "downgrade" lsb-base, too (as you can see further
>   down).
>   The only glitch I found was that the /etc/init.d/freeradius script
>   didn't work anymore, I had to use the older one (pre1).

This will be because of the downgrade of lsb-base.

>   It's OK for me if you decided to break compatibility with Debian
>   Sarge, but I expect FreeRadius 2.0 to be compatible with at least
>   Ubuntu Server LTS (Dapper).

I am not responsible for the debian/ directory in the distributed
tarball.  I and my comaintainer are responsible for what ships with
Debian.  These two things are related, but not the same.  That being
said, I am afraid I have to tell you that I am unlikely to keep new
features out of the packaging for the benefit of Ubuntu's LTS contracts.

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