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Cristian Novac cristian.novac at
Thu Jan 10 16:00:45 CET 2008

Hello all,

I am using freeradius in a wimax environment(a small network for testing 
I made a dictionary(attached below) and used it in tests. But writting 
my VSAs in the reply lists of my users(in users file) is not very 
pleasant(as you may see in the users file attached below). So, I want to 
add some code in freeradius so that I may write my VSAs in the users 
file using subattributes .

Here is what I want :

-for user ERTVR, instead of writting :
ERTVR   User-Password == "mypass at wd"
        Session-Timeout = 3600,
        Termination-Action = 1,
        Service-Flow-Descriptor = 
        QoS-Descriptor += 
        QoS-Descriptor += 

-I want to be able to write:
        Service-Flow-Descriptor = 0x00{PacketDataFlowID=1112}{...}{...}...,
#where PacketDataFlow is another defined attribute; every content 
between{} is a TLV

I haven't written before any piece of code for freeradius,so it's my 
first time and I thought you may give me advices  about how to deal with 
this problem; maybe what/where changes in the project would be needed to 
achieve that.

Thank you in advance !
Cristian NOVAC.

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