subattributes related advice neded

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jan 10 16:24:56 CET 2008

Cristian Novac wrote:
> I am using freeradius in a wimax environment(a small network for testing
> purposes).

  FreeRADIUS doesn't support WiMAX, but it could:

> -I want to be able to write:
> ....
>        Service-Flow-Descriptor = 0x00{PacketDataFlowID=1112}{...}{...}...,
> #where PacketDataFlow is another defined attribute; every content
> between{} is a TLV

  Er, no.  There's no need for that complex a format.  Just write
"Packet-Flow-Id = 1112", and have the code figure it out.

> I haven't written before any piece of code for freeradius,so it's my
> first time and I thought you may give me advices  about how to deal with
> this problem; maybe what/where changes in the project would be needed to
> achieve that.

  src/lib/radius.c for packing && unpacking RADIUS attributes into VSA's.

  If you don't want to spend the time to figure it out, the code *is*
only about 1000 lines.  And no, this isn't a guess.

  Alan DeKok.

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